EROS is a touring performance art event showcasing work by queer artists from Canada, Europe, South America, and the United States, working through themes of desire, queer intimacies, and trauma.

Inspired by the history of the Cabaret Voltaire, and contemporary performance evenings such as NYC’s Incarnata Social Club, this simple informal event aims to provide accessibility to a variety of performance aesthetics while bringing together international and local artists in an environment of open exploration. Through a combination of visual projections, drag, spoken word, ritualistic gestures and song, EROS investigates various manifestations of desire and how they relate to identity and personal politics. EROS seeks to examine how desire can alternately be used as a weapon, a life preserver, and as fuel for resistance in times of political threat.

Have Your Own

An ongoing series of curated and open video and performance sharings in New York City by queer, trans, and gender non-conforming makers of color, centering ideas of survival, home, roots and rootedness. A collaboration with Tiffany Joy Butler and Hot Cabinet.

Cancer Rising

Cancer Rising is an interdisciplinary/multigalactic femme collaboration between Devyn Mañibo and Jesse Graves. Operating from sites of temporal distortion, their work centers ideas and practices of interdependence. Through rituals of resistance, they dig space for ancestral embodiment and processes of healing.

They have had their art works and workshops featured at the Heels on Wheels Opentoe Peepshow in Brooklyn, the Five College Queer Gender & Sexuality Conference in Amherst, the Queer Arts Festival in Providence, and at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit. In 2016, they were guests on LuluNation + Crew, a Seattle based radio talk show.